Monday, March 9, 2015

Syntax error

  • Missing extra brackets
  • Using variables
  • Brackets not used properly
  • The statement in the code does not follow the rules of the language.
  • Usually detected by the translator, as the statement cannot be understood.
  • Programs will not be compiled
Logic Error
  • The syntax of the code is correct
  • the code does not do what it should
  • Will usually run normally but with some unexpected result
  • Usually tested while being tested
  • Incorrect mathematical formulae
  • Misplaced brackets
  • Instruction written and therefore executed in the wrong order
Run time error
  • The syntax is correct
  • the logic of the program is correct
  • extreme circumstances cause crash
  • program attempts impossible operation
  • causes program to crash at run time
  • usually detected while testing
  • Division by zero
  • attempt to access non existent file
  • attempt to reference array elements before they are initialised 
Test Data
Data which syhold genarate an error message 

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