Monday, November 10, 2014

Data Types and Data Structures

Numeric Data Types
Basic Data Types

  • Integer whole number eg 7
  • Real/float decimal point eg 7.2

Alphanumeric data types

  • Char a single character, Digit or symbol eg C
  • String several characters grouped  together eg Mr Smith


  • A data can only have one of two values (TRUE or FALSE, 1 or 0)
Array Definition
  • A data structure that contains server data items
  • of the same data type
  • Grouped together with one name
  • Individual items are accessed using an index
  • Stored contiguously in computer memory
  • Instead of having variables that we have to declare at front, we can use a list, the software can go through the list easily and find the variable in the list easily.
  • Fewer variables.
  • Use iteration to go through the list with the given variable instead of going through each variable to find the given variable.
  • They are dynamic, can change the program as it is running.

Array Declaration
  • Identifier/name
  • Data type
  • Dimension (1 or 2) One dimension has only has one row two dimension has a row and column.
  • All arrays start at index 0

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