Thursday, November 6, 2014

Software Development Cycle

There are several different tools that could/might be used within the software development cycle are as follows:

  • API - This is an Application Programming Interface which is comparable to a lego set, building blocks as an API is basically a large library with pre made parts that you can use easily create your program. An example is within windows win32, this is the main api that control very simple things within windows. WebGL or OpenGL is also an API which can help with rendering the 3d model or animation etc.

  • SOURCE CONTROL - This is a system within a network database where one person can work on a bit of the program can check in which allows you to control it for a certain amount of time and cannot be interfered until this programmer has stopped working on it and checked out. There is also version where it keeps track of the different changes. Branching is another idea where you can take parts of the code off the main program and work on them in isolation.

  • BUILD TOOLS - AKA COMPILER - These are programs that put all the different pieces and parts that make up the whole program and help the developers compile the program into a complete version.

  • BUG TRACKING - Every piece of software in the world has bugs, nothing is perfect. This is a separate system that helps organise the bugs within a large program which prioritises issues and assigns jobs to fix bugs. This can sometimes link with the Source Control and mingle with the versioning.

  • AUTOMATED BUILD TOOLS - This is a service/script that runs and can compile the program in the correct order when something needs to be updated regularly. So it checks out and builds the system automatically which saves time.

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